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Why FlexCar

Why FlexCar

FlexCar offers the future of car leasing, you can subscribe to a brand new car by paying only your fixed monthly fee.

You can return your vehicle at any time with no extra cost and of course you can buy it at any time. All these, with no charge and with all the maintenance costs covered, including insurance and road taxes.

FlexCar is here to provide you with a new approach to acquiring your next car. You choose the car that suits your needs and preferences, and our team will offer you a comprehensive leasing package, with all the costs covered. 

Our Fleet

At FlexCar you can find the most popular models of the market. A wide variety of brand new vehicles to choose the one that best meets your needs.

The numerous options offered by our company include all types of passenger vehicles, light commercial trucks and a large number of motorcycles, from small urban scooters to adventure models.

The wide range in models, editions and drive systems will offer you complete flexibility in vehicle selection as well.
Eco mobility is at the heart of FlexCar. We are constantly enriching our fleet by focusing on vehicles that help us all maintain a healthy environment.

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Our Values

Our mission is to offer the best and most affordable car leasing solution to our customers. FlexCar has entered the automotive market in the beginning of 2018.

In just four years of operation, we have managed to earn the trust and support of our customers. The transparency and immediacy of FlexCar's flexible services have helped with the expansion of our company on an international level. We are now present in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Mexico. Our multicultural team will always be by your side, with the sole purpose of offering you the opportunity to obtain the vehicle you have always dreamed of in a flexible and affordable way.

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Our Work Culture

FlexCar's business requires a great deal of expertise. One of FlexCar's unrivalled strengths is its human resources.

We pride ourselves on our skilled team that is dedicated to providing the best customer service. Values like teamwork and collaboration and our friendly, open and flexible working environment which aims to day by day development in order to provide the best possible customer experience.

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